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Number of beverage cans and bottles that have been land filled, littered and incinerated in the U.S. so far this year.

The company holds the following Patent numbers

Water collection and dispensing machine


A water collection and dispensing machine having a primary housing with an air inlet and an air outlet, an air blower structured to draw air into the primary housing through the air inlet and push air out of said primary housing through the air outlet. The water collection and dispensing machine further includes an evaporator coil structured to cycle a cold refrigerant liquid therethrough, the evaporator coil being disposed in line with the air inlet so that the air drawn into the primary housing through the air inlet passes thereover and moisture therefrom condenses on an exterior surface of the evaporator coil so that it may be collected in the form of water droplets, filtered to eliminate contaminants, and dispensed for convenient consumption by a user.

Our Company philosophy is to vigorously protect and defend our patents and other intellectual property rights. We will use all legal remedies available. The company will actively pursue litigation against all persons or companies that infringes on our patents or violators of our Intellectual property rights. We are placing any and all individuals or companies who are manufacturing or distributing atmospheric water generation machines that infringe upon our patent rights on notice that we are actively enforcing our rights and will aggressively seek any and all action against any entities who infringe upon these patent rights. Please be aware that if you are in the business of manufacturing or distributing atmospheric water generation equipment that infringes upon our patents or intellectual property, we will commence legal action and seek damages and relief arising from your infringement on our patent rights.

The applicable United States Federal law, 35 U.S.C. 271, defines infringement as, “whoever without authority makes, uses, offers for sell or sells any patented invention, within the United States during the term of the patent therefore, infringes the patent.” or equivalent therefore. Infringement can be direct, indirect, or contributory. Anyone who makes, uses, or sells the patented invention is a direct infringer. If a person actively encourages another to make, use, or sell the invention, the person so inducing is liable for indirect infringement. Contributory infringement can be committed by knowingly selling or supplying an item for which the only use is in connection with a patented invention. Good faith or ignorance is no defense for direct infringement, but it can be for indirect or contributory infringement. Knowingly infringing on a patented his willful infringement and subject of triple damages and legal fees and maybe punitive damages (see below).”

271. Infringement of patent

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention, within the United States or imports into the United States any patented invention during the term of the patent therefore, infringes the patent.

(b) Whoever actively induces infringement of a patent shall be liable as an infringer.

(c) Whoever offers to sell or sells within the United States or imports into the United States a component of a patented machine, manufacture, combination or composition, or a material or apparatus for use in practicing a patented process, constituting a material part of the invention, knowing the same to be especially made or especially adapted for use in an infringement of such patent, and not a staple article or commodity of commerce suitable for substantial noninfringing use, shall be liable as a contributory infringer.