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Number of beverage cans and bottles that have been land filled, littered and incinerated in the U.S. so far this year.

Atmospheric Water Solutions, one of the original patent holders of atmospheric water generation technology developed in the late 1990’s, Produces systems that make pure water from air through the process of condensation and then processing that water through a multiple filtration system. The systems come in all sizes and are scalable by design or linking units into a series. These machines serve homes and offices, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, mining, military, hospitals, schools, municipalities, and humanitarian efforts. Water Test

Home and Office


Aquaboy 100

Alternative Fuels- Waste oil, used motor oil


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Protect your Health

Contaminated drinking water is a leading cause of ongoing illnesses worldwide. Eliminate the pollutants in your water and in your system.


Save money

Think about how much money your family or business spends on bottled water. Put that money back in your pocket!

Make your life easier

No more worrying about water quality. No more deliveries.No more struggling with heavy bottles.
No more invoices, bottle deposits and bottle storage issues.

Go Green

No more bottles. No more empty cooler. No more waste. No water source required. No lines to run.